It was two years in the making – after much hard work from our members and the generosity of friends and supporters (not to forget the great skill and craftsmanship of master artists in Bali), we received news that the ship carrying our new gamelan instruments pulled into port in New Jersey this week.

We are beyond excited to be uncrating 20 metallophones, 20 brass pots, 3 gongs, 6 drums, and an array of flutes and cymbals, most of which are set in hand-carved, decorative wooden cases. The unveiling and subsequent celebration is set for Thursday, the 20th April at the Knockdown Center, after which, a public viewing and demonstrations by our gamelan gendèr wayang ensemble will occur at sunset.  See more details on our Events page.

Here’s to a new phase of study, creative exploration, music-making and dance for Gamelan Dharma Swara.  We hope to see you at one of our events soon!

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