Michael Lipsey

Percussionist | Director of Percussion & the New Music Ensemble

I have been a member of DS since 2009.  I joined on a fluke.  I went to a rehearsal of Sekar Jaya in a house in the hills near Berkeley.  It was a great experience, so I came back to NY and looked around for a group.  Coincidentally, DS had an open rehearsal the following morning!

I went to the demo and stuck around for the rehearsal.  I ended up joining the group and performing in one of the highlights of my musical life – a performance on the main stage at the 2010 PKB performances in Bali!   It is a memory I will always cherish.   The people that join DS are special – very kind, very serious and very fun!   It is always a pleasure to play in DS.   I am happy to have had the opportunity to have them at Queens College for the past 5 years.


Aaron Copland School of Music

Yowana Sari