Nerissa Campbell

Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Nerissa Campbell grew up in towns along the coast of Western Australia and in Bali. She attended the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, earning a degree in Jazz (Performance & Composition). Since living in New York, Nerissa & her band have performed in venues ranging from underground clubs to concert halls and have been invited to music festivals in Australia, the US, Singapore, the Netherlands, and South America. In addition to performing her own material, Nerissa has collaborated with the post-metal band A Storm of Light, is a performing member of Dharma Swara, and has been a part of performative literary readings, modern dance pieces, off-Broadway plays, and a 32-piece orchestra. She has released three albums under her own label, Crooked Mouth Music.

Nerissa Campbell’s fourth studio album, ‘After The Magic’, features Balinese gamelan, a jazz trio, pensive solo piano pieces, and fleeting guitars woven together with melancholy vocals.

The mix of musical genres explore Nerissa’s sense cultural belonging and displacement. Not easily classified as jazz, singer-songwriter, or traditional Balinese gamelan, and yet subtly all of these things, Campbell’s songs use Balinese gamelan gong cycles and modes, lyrical stories, improvisation and jazz harmonies, and non-vocal compositions that combined create a sense of space and breath. Cycling and repeating, ebbing and flowing, the songs of ‘After The Magic’ inform and are informed by each other.

Nerissa Campbell

Crooked Mouth Music