john Bjerklie


I learned about gamelan and Balinese dance from my studio mate and sometimes collaborator who also happened to be a member of Dharma Swara. The first performance I witnessed profoundly challenged and affected my own studio practice as a performance and visual artist. Balinese dance in particular became something I knew I had to try and understand and assimilate into my own work. After making a number of drawings based on Balinese dance my studio mate and his wife, who is also a Dharma Swara member, challenged me with the idea that I might try Balinese dance. After one practice session with the Dharma Swara dancers (which may have been one of the most rigorous physical workouts I ever had!, I was hooked. How this will ultimately influence my own work as an artist is hard to say, but thus far it has become such an enriching part of my life I can't stay away from it.